We are specialized in providing legal assistance and representation services mainly for business related litigations.

Our specializations are in the fields of international and internal arbitration and public procurement litigations. However, our litigations’ practice reaches all areas of civil law, including corporate affairs, telecom, construction & FIDIC, real estate, competition, insolvency, banking, labor and administrative disputes.

Irrespective of the particulars of a case, our aim is to resolve all litigations in the most efficient manner possible, ensuring both celerity and satisfaction of our clients’ interests. We consider that the best resolution of a dispute is always in the hands of the parties involved and, as such, we seek the amicable resolution of disputes even during litigation proceedings, strictly based on our clients’ instructions.


We are mainly involved in international and internal arbitration proceedings, being able to assist clients in such disputes under the following arbitration regulations:

  • ICC Rules of Arbitration;
  • UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules;
  • LCIA Arbitration Rules;
  • Swiss Rules of International Arbitration;
  • Rules of Arbitration of the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
arbitraj juridic

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Proceduri de achizitii publice

Public procurement

Another key area of our litigations’ practice is connected to the Romanian public procurement sector. During the past years we have built an extensive and successful practice in contesting results of public procurement procedures considered illegal or ungrounded by our clients.

We are specialized in both the preliminary contestation procedures in front of the Romanian National Council for Solving Complaints and also the subsequent complaints against the decisions of this entity in front of the Romanian courts.