Legal consultancy constitutes a key area of our practice. As legal consultants, we integrate our activity in our clients’ organizations, the aim of this being to provide clear and legally grounded information upon which our clients can make their decisions and structure their businesses.

We are specialized in providing legal consultancy services mainly in areas of construction & FIDIC, public procurement procedures and business contracting. Our legal consultancy practice extends also to the following areas of civil law: corporate affairs, telecom, real estate, competition, insolvency, banking, labor and administrative regulations.

In order to provide competitive legal services in the global economical environment, we maintain a network of international partners in several key jurisdictions among which: Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Panama and Hong Kong.

Construction & FIDIC

We have developed an extensive practice, and thus we possess a thorough experience in the construction field. We have provided legal consultancy services to clients acting as final beneficiaries, employers, general contractors, specialized contractors, subcontractors, engineers or consultants in the construction filed. The majority of our legal consultancy services in the construction field have been rendered under or with the taking into consideration of the FIDIC forms of contracts.

In the construction field our legal consultancy services include the following: drafting of contract proposals or reviewing drafts submitted by the other parties, assisting our clients in the negotiation process until closing of contracts, provisioning of legal interpretations or opinions during the contract’s execution, assistance in drafting of claims for various requests ranging from time extensions, penalties, damages, etc., assistance in drafting of variation proposals or variation orders, etc.

Construction contractors

We are also specialized in the post-execution phase of construction contracts, having successfully assisted our clients in guarantee and retentions claims.

In our legal consultancy practice we have assisted clients in setting up construction ventures abroad. More specifically, in addition to the legal services concerning contract negotiation and closing, we have assisted our clients in creating permanent establishments, in posting of workers abroad, obtaining of local authorizations for execution of the works, etc., all in cooperation with local legal and fiscal experts.

consultanta juridica Constructii & FIDIC

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consultanta juridica proceduri de achizitii publice

Public procurement procedures

Benefiting from a thorough knowledge of the Romanian primary and secondary public procurement legislation, and building on our successful contestation practice of public procurement procedures’ results, we have developed a legal consultancy practice in this area.

Legal consulting services

We provide legal consultancy services during the entire period prior to the submission of bids. Our services include legal opinions provided to our clients for interpreting the qualification requirements, drafting of requests for clarifications addressed to the authorities, etc.

We are permanently analyzing the entire bid documentation provided by the authorities in order to determine if it follows the legislation in force and we promptly advise our clients should there be needed a challenge against such documentation for breach of the legal prerequisites.

During the post submission of bids period, we mainly provide legal consultancy to our clients regarding the drafting of answers to requests for clarifications required by the authorities.